hazy days and long dresses

HAI, this is Anisa, the elusive other half of the blog.
Sorry you haven't heard from me before. Though this is one of the longest summers of my life, I dont know where all my time is going.
Anyway, a while ago Milda and I did a photoshoot. I wore a long dress and pranced around in graveyards in the sunlight. Here's the evidence.

Photo's taken by Milda of Anisa.


*rachelwears said...

i love these! they are great, i love your hair!!x

Cherry Chanel said...

Thanks for the comment.
I like your blog, it's a bit different from other fashionblogs, in the good way!

Let's follow each other? I follow you!

TOPCOAT said...

Ohh gorgeous dress! I love your hair, I do mine like that all the time :-)


Anonymous said...

You look great, I love your dress

rebecca said...

These are beautiful photos. I love your dress so much!


Diogo Sc said...


love this photos!


QuiteQuaint said...

very quirky location! very lovely dress. thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog by the way x

Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a lovely photoshoot!! I adore the dress you're wearing!! xoxoxoxoo

Margaret said...

the colours of that dress are so perfect on you
great blog
loving the posts
stop by sometime xx

johanna said...

LOVELY. Love this outfit

Anonymous said...


Lynzy said...

Just found your blog. You are simply stunning in that dress. The photos are amazing. Now following, follow me?
xo Lynzy

Anonymous said...

That maxi dress is so beautiful! the print is mesmerizing

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Miss Neira

Abi-Anne said...

These are beautiful photos! Gorgeous dress. I especially love the third one with the huge tower and clock in the background.

Thanks for stopping by me :)

ergyerg said...

Ooo, lovely photos, i like your dress too!

Sophia said...

beautiful photos, fabulous location.. love the dress! glad i found your blog- following!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Wow. That dress is so beautiful. I've always wanted to take photos in a graveyard, but I dunno whether it's right to actually do that. I feel like someone would yell at me to stop.

I really want to though.

Katie said...

these photos are absolutely gorgeous. both you and that dress are stunning! i love how the photo with the pink flowers really brings out the color in the dress!

E said...

Beautiful photos. The setting is so perfect for that long, dramatic dress.

avalonne lou summers said...

Stunning maxi dress! I love the photo of the fuchsia flowers in focus and you in the background.

Rebecca said...

these are baeutiful.
I really want a maxi dress.
they're so hard to find!


Isquisofrenia said...

gorgeous gorgeous, and that dress is just so beautiful!

Diana said...

beautiful pictures!! i love that dress on you :)


Melai said...

This is such a cute maxi dress :)

Melai of Style and Soul

michelle_ said...

i love the print on ur maxi dress !!

La petite Lou'lou said...

lovely dress!

maria bros said...

Wow, I love the idea of taking shots in sucha a girly dress on a graveyard! Wish I coul come up with this :(

PS. Girl - you are b e a u t i f u l!!!!!!

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Leather said...

ooh great blog..so hot


TheMadTwins said...

these pictures are wonderful Ö

nikol said...

these are really beautiful photos~