and it's eating us to the core

Some more from Lithuania:

Wild Strawberries

Amazing desserts


ALYSSA said...

hi! thanks for your comment. and yeah even if your not a fan you can still see how amazing it is! haha

lovely outfit! your jacket looks really pretty! would love one in my wardrobe!

also such awesome windows! wish i lived in a town that looked as pretty as that!

Florencia said...

I relly like your shoes ♥

Grace said...

Aw the strawberries are so cute! :D I love these pictures and your amazing outfit :D

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Salut, thanks for your comment - though I'm sure your days are filled with far more interesting stuff than you said ;-)

These photos are lovely and I especially like the windows with flowers... xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, your shirt is lovely and those desserts don't look too bad either xx

Tere said...

this photos have an amazing look, i really love them at all!


Meena Dhuga said...

hiya! thanks for your sweet comment! as strange is at may sounds i love eating lemons! :D haha, anyway! cool post- love your shirt hunni :D


Meena xxx

Isabel Spectre said...

aahh wow that dessert looks SO delicious! I like your denim top so much, you look so great, and your pants with the belt.. it looks super nice. also, you are super beautiful ^-^

Eloise said...

Lovely outfit, I like the collar on your shirt : )


Anonymous said...

fantastic photos !

Anonymous said...

i love all thiss!

Temporary:Secretary said...

The strawberries look good! yum!

DailyGlamour said...

Lovely outfit ! Thanks for your comment !

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!

Evil Nelly said...

Such nice pictures! love your outfit and those desserts are driving me crazy! oh, btw, did anyone ever tell u that u look a bit like Heather Morris? The actress who plays BRitney on Glee?
Thanks for the comment on my blog!
My evil cupcakes are made the LazyGirl way.. using instant mixes..lol
Visit again sometime,follow me if u like, i'll always follow back :)

Heather said...

those strawberries are so cute!

Also I'm gonna go ahead and say that I hope the "zelda" in your blog title come from the Legend of Zelda Nintendo game :) Love the header!

audrey marie said...

adorable outfit! and love the shot of the strawberries

Natalie Ryker said...

i love all these gorgeous pictures and the outfit is adorable!!!


t said...

Nice outfit!


Carly said...

your blog is lovely.
i am now following.
i hope you can follow back.


loulaVINTAGE said...

ooow! love the denim shirt. have such a thing for denim shirts at the moment!! too cute. x

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photographs and I like your jacket! So cute! I also like the shirt you have under it! :)

Thanks for you comment lovely and the follow, I really like your blog so I am following back.


Anonymous said...

lovely style images, and thanks for stopping by! xoxo


Ioana Liliana said...

Love your denim shirt! I'm obsessing over mine lately!


Jasmine said...

lovely photos, really like your blog :)

Alina F. said...

Great look, honey!Love the pics!

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Love your trousers! :D
I love the desserts, looks soo yummy and LOOOVE THE LAST PHOTO!

Thanks for your comment on my alice +olivia post! :)