blunt cruising

This is just something I wore the other week, you'd think it's Autumn already! But thankfully it's warmed up now, so I'm happy :)

 Necklace made by me

My love of food...
Cupcakes that came out pretty decent for the first time ever. YAY.
Topped with whipped creams, pistachios, toasted hazelnuts and coconut and icing powder.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend :)


Lauren&Pierre said...

I LOVE this outfit! Love how you paired it together...
xx L
i followed!

heatherheartsfashion said...

you made that necklace? how fabulous! i love it over the denim, looks really rad!

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Melina said...

Love the jewellery and the little cakes!

Fashion-Resort! said...

you are soo pretty dear!<3

caise said...

I love your outfit:) so simple so perfect:)

oh food! <3 it makes me hungry;))

Fowzee said...

i love the outfit , the shorts are really cool and i love the tights, please can i have the recipe for the cupcakes they look so yummy!,


rose said...

i adore that necklace, it looks so good with that shirt! and the cupcakes look delicious!

lovely blog, by the by

rose xxx

Jess said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy and I think I have the same pair of glitter tights - they're so fun!

riestya arum permata said...

what a cute outfit <3
those cupcake make me starving :Q___
and you look so pretty :)


Florence said...

just found your blog! it's gorgeous and I followed you.
You look so great here!

visit me if you have a mo :)


Anne said...

cool outfit! and that food looks so yummie and cute! xx

Tereza Anton said...

I love your outfit, so very disco :).

Naomi Marie said...

I'm absolutely starving so those cupcakes look particularly fabulous. Very cute outfit too! :)

Emma said...

The necklace and shirt are very pretty :-) I want some of those cupcakes too! x

April's Attic said...

love your comments on my blog, so sweet!
i love this outfit from head to toe! i have tights just like that, perfect for the fall.

April Cheung said...

love your outfit. very chic