Hey guys, just sharing something I've been quite excited about for some time.
This cardigan is something my lovely mum has been working for a while now, and yesterday she finished it, hence I've had the chance to debut it.
Although it slightly drowns me, its size is sheer comfort and the diamond shaped details keep it from being too plain and mundane


Anonymous said...

hmm, ugly?

Maddalena said...

yeah, that wasn't planned either, but thanks anyways!

MJonas_ said...

your blog is so cute..if you want you can be my follower!:)

Francesca said...

hey! thanks so much for your amazing comment and your support in the competition. i'm finally back from Shanghai and back to blogging. I think i was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from blogger and facebook haha! i'll be uploading a photo diary soon :)


TOPCOAT said...

j'adore the grey + your rings xx