the devil's tears

I can safely say that, although I was planning to avoid the Royal Wedding due to the trivial way in which the media presents events, having watched some of the highlights I think it was a substantially perfect wedding. Sarah Burton's designs proved to shine not only on the catwalk, but on "commoners" too. And if I'm ever half as happy with anyone, as Kate and Will appear to be, then by life's mission shall be complete. It's a shame they won't get to enjoy their life in privacy though, the media always has a means of messing up relationships.
Ruffle top;Made by me  Denim shorts;DIY(Mango)  Socks;DIY

MMMM socks with sandals.


I V Y said...

wow, such a beautiful girly top!

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Mila said...

Great look,love it!!

Rebecca said...

woaaah! you made that ruffle top?! amazinnng! :D

I hope that kate & will stay together too. She seems very strong & he;s grown up in the media so I'm sure they'll work through it. I think they knew what they were getting into. It makes me hope I'll be happy as they are someday toooo!


pixelhazard said...

That ruffle top is so cute & boy to will & kate have a road ahead of them

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WENDY said...

Wow, the frilly top is amazing!
Very beautiful and dreamy :)


Tea Joeli said...

Great blog honey:)
Love it!

Advice From A Caterpillar said...

Love these pics...those bracelets are rockin' and your hair is sooo gorgeous! Love the airy and sweet outfit!!!
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oriwa said...

Wow! Just scoped your blog and love the authenticity of it all! Not pretentious, great personal style. Diggin it.

Will be sure to follow too!

xx ELEVEN:11