me, i'm a creator

I've made and remade clothes ever since I learned to thread a needle and do a basic stitch, but since starting 6th form I've found myself too busy to do any of it.
But lately I've been exposed to excessive doses of Gok Van every Saturday morning, and so I've been revived.

Here is a simple dress from the lovely Primarni. Slightly too shapeless and too plain for my liking. Excuse the messy photo. And the editing on the rest of these.

I checked the length that I wanted the skirt to be, plus two inches for adding in the waist band. I pulled out the elastic band from the empire line of the dress.

To make the skirt, I just folded in the waist, ironed it and stitched across with a sewing machine, leaving a small gap in one of the seams. Then I took an elastic band, secured it with a safety pin and pulled it all the way through the seam, and back out of the little hole. I then secured the elastic band ends by hand. Et voila!

With the top, I folded the bottom edge twice, and ironed it. Then stitched across. Simple as! The edges could even be left raw, as long as they don't fray too extensively.

Bought these for 60 pennies :)

Nail varnish: No7 Night Silver. Only one coat required!


Anonymous said...

cute top ! :)

Antoinette said...

Wow this looks sooo cute! What a fabulous idea.


WanderLust said...

lust lust lusting this top!! Such a great DIY :) Now following you!


Anonymous said...

thank you for your sweet comment, it means the world!


ANA said...

wow! perfect! i love both pieces.