just a little bit

HELLLOOO! I am extremely happy to announce that I've gotten into university this year! Although it's just such an amazing feeling, i've also been burdened with massive shopping and to-do lists. Nonetheless, i cannot bloody wait! Also, i should probably stop buying summer clothing as it's pretty chilly already. Need to stock up on winter clothing.

Anyhow, bought this shirt (size 18, hence the length) and altered it to fit me. I've not worn it particularly well, but here you go!

Still baking :)


samantha rae said...

congrats on getting in to uni! and you look adorable :)

Rachel said...

Love the outfit!

Tegan said...

congratulations on getting into uni! love the shirt, looks awesome with the skirt! :) xo

Angel In This Dress said...

Congrats into getting into uni! And your baking looks T.A.S.T.Y :) x x

Nathalia said...

congrats about the university :)
really cute shirt!!