turns me to gold in the sunlight

Hello beautiful people! Hope everyones is enjoying their last days of summer... If you live in England, I hope you've had the chance to go on holiday ;)

 My lovely mother is knitting me this jumper (photograph from fashiontoast). Not gonna lie, I'm not feeling creative these days, hence I convinced my mum to knit a replica of Rumi Neely's jumper.

 Did some Aztec nails, tutorial here.
 She also bought this knitting book from Japan... £19 for the book and £30 for shipping.
 Just some great finds at the local market, no idea what I'll be making from either fabric yet.

 And some more clothes I bought. Clearly I'm not preparing for winter well.

 And oh, this made my life...

But to balance things, here's some salad.


Sanne said...

your blog is really cool♥
i like it!

Dylana Suarez said...

This is all so beautiful!



Rachel said...

Good luck - the knit looks great so far!